N9-FAN Rechargeable Desktop Fan - Black


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The LUMENA N9-Fan Stand is the archetype of a desktop circulator with a soft yet powerful wind, wireless operation, and a unique design identity.

- USB rechargeable (Li-ion 4,000mAh)
- Max 20 hrs run time with one full charge
- Quiet (13dB) and powerful (40km/h) air flow
- One touch battery level check
- 2 stage timer
- Wireless 6" fan/an air circulator for all season.
- Reliability approved.
- Tilt up to 45 degrees.
- Innovative BLDC motor with 13dB soundless performance.
- 8m wind distance.
- Micro 5-pin USB.
- Unique 30 degree vent cover frame to create "tornado" wind.
- 4-step wind speed.
- Easy cleaning with the detachable vent cover.
- Package includes a USB cable.

About the Brand

LUMENA was born with our core idea being to bring light into our lives. We carry the most beautifully crafted products assembled with the latest technology. LUMENA products include mobile power banks, multifunctional LED lights, portable fans and other stylish products that empower an active lifestyle and have the ability to recharge one's passion for their favourite activities.