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Smart Sock Baby Gen 3 Monitor


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Parents around the world trust Owlet every night to help them keep their babies safe while they sleep.

The award-winning Smart Sock goes beyond the capabilities of any other baby monitor to monitor the things that really matter, when it matters most.

This Sock is the third of its kind, smarter than ever, and integrates seamlessly with the Owlet Cam.

The Owlet Smart Sock is the only baby monitor that truly monitors your baby. Worn comfortably around your baby’s foot, the Smart Sock uses safe and proven technology to proactively track your baby’s heart rate and oxygen level while they sleep, wellness, and sleep trends.

This Smart Sock delivers the right information at the right time to go beyond the capabilities of a traditional baby monitor.

Baby oxygen and heart rate tracking
Alerts when Baby needs you
Measures sleep trends - total hours slept, number of wakings, sleep quality and more.
Fits babies 0 - 18 months / 5 - 30lbs.; for both left and right feet.
16 Hour Battery + Quick Charge - Get 8 hours in 20 min., and a full charge in 90 min.
Wireless Charging

Smart device not included