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River Tube with Backrest & Cup Holder - 44"


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Superior quality commercial grade Tube Pro vinyl river tube is manufactured with heavy-duty 30 gauge PVC, and double welded seams to help prevent blow outs. The Tube Pro PVC float tube is custom designed with dual air chambers, featuring a safety chamber with small push-in valve and a recessed Boston valve for quick inflation/deflation of main chamber.

Tube Pro premium backrest has its own secondary air chamber allowing for inflation to the perfect firmness and comfort. Two large heavy-duty rider support handles allow for gripping while enjoying a relaxing river float, or a bumpy ride through rapids. The cup holder feature is great to enjoy your favorite beverage along the ride!

44" (110 cm) inflated outer diameter
48" (120 cm) deflated outer diameter
16" (40 cm) inner diameter with open hole
30 gauge BLUE PVC vinyl
Air chambers (safety chamber and main chamber w/ Boston valve) X 2
Backrest w/ separate air chamber X 1
Beverage cup holder X 1
Large support handles X 2

Includes repair kit w/ matching circular PVC patches and urethane glue tube

About the Brand

Tube Pro Inc. is a Canadian company with manufacturing facilities located in Waterloo, ON. Tube Pro manufacturers the highest quality snow tubes, river tubes, waterpark tubes, mat racers, and rafts for snow tubing resorts, waterpark resorts, and canoe livery outfitters all over the world. They are the original designer and manufacturer of the hard bottom snow tube; as well as, a premier supplier to a variety of winter and summer resorts, campground, and canoe livery operations in several countries. As a family owned and operated company, they endorse and support fun family activities and recreation, with safety always being of primary importance. Tube Pro has presented to and works with safety standards associations to enhance, maintain and adhere to safety regulations in accordance with various councils and regions.