Compact Pasta Maker


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Fresh, quick pasta the way you like
Add ingredients and it automatically does the rest
Philips Viva Pasta & Noodle Maker is a fully automatic solution that enables you to prepare
fresh pasta and noodles from scratch without spending a lot time. With compact size, it can
easily fit into your kitchen and storage.
Designed to make fresh and tasty pasta and noodles
- The unique design stirring bar ensures flour is mixed evenly
- The long kneading tube is great for smooth and elastic dough
Easy and fast
- Automatically kneads dough and shapes pasta
- Make 400 grams of fresh pasta and noodles in just 18 minutes
- Detachable parts for easy assembly and cleaning
Create your favorite pasta and noodles
- 3 classic pasta types including spaghetti, penne, fetuccine
- Add your favorite ingredients for your own flavors
- Free colorful recipe book full of inspirations
Thoughtfully designed for your kitchen top
- Compact size to fit perfectly into your kitchen
- Smart drawer for shaping discs and storage for power cord

About the Brand

Innovation is at the heart of every Saeco coffee machine. Loaded with technology, Saeco’s super-automatic espresso machines can deliver a perfect espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato and more at the touch of a button. While its manual machines make it possible for coffee lovers to prepare an authentic Italian espresso – with a long-lasting delicious crema – the traditional way.