Essential Connected Airfryer XL - Digital


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The Philips Essential Connected Airfryer XL was crafted by a team of experts, who have been perfecting airfryer technology for over 10 years. Its unique and patented “starfish" design creates the fastest and most even results by allowing all food to be exposed to constant, circulating heat allowing you to cook a variety of foods. 100% taste satisfaction with crispy on the outside and tender on the inside results, using little to no added oil, with up to 90% less fat.

Healthy, tasty and now connected - this Wi-Fi and Alexa enabled Airfryer allows you to track, control and monitor via real time in the free Philips Kitchen+ App.

Plus, this air fryer can do more than just fry; it also grills, roasts, bakes, dehydrates and even reheats! With the 2.65lbs capacity you can prepare 4 dinner portions or 6 appetizer portions of food for the whole family at once.

Philips Airfryer is the world’s #1 airfryer.

Digital touch screen
7 Temperature presets
Keep Warm mode
QuickClean basket with non-stick coating
Dishwasher safe components
Philips Kitchen+ App compatibility

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