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Inspired by the luxurious feel of a super-plush towel, the Just Plush Robe is made of combed, long-staple 100% Turkish cotton and has a substantial 380 GSM weight.

Feel like you’re lounging in luxury every day with our first-ever wearable item!

The Just Plush Robe features a piped collar, cuffed edges, deep pockets, and a sturdy waist tie. This robe is extra thick for spa-like comfort.

About the Brand

Over 18 years we have designed and sold over 1,000,000 pillows and bedding products to the top hotel brands worldwide. We take pride that the majority of our products have Canadian hands involved. Keeping in mind, cotton is not a staple costed product in Canada, lets be “Real” we do what we can, to keep us Canadian while providing a quality product.