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The Just 3 C Down Pillow - King


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The Just Down Pillows is extremely supportive yet provides that soft plush feel.

We recommended this pillow for all sleepers. Completely filled with the fluffiest premium Canadian down clusters and features a triple-core structure with an extra supportive inner layer of small feathers, and a comfy outer layer of down clusters.

This down option is Just Pillows’ best seller and their most versatile pillow.

Down clusters and feather chambers
100% long-staple cotton sateen shell
100% Canadian premium down
Durable double stitched edges
Ultra-Fresh antimicrobials treatment

Made in Canada

About the Brand

Over 18 years we have designed and sold over 1,000,000 pillows and bedding products to the top hotel brands worldwide. We take pride that the majority of our products have Canadian hands involved. Keeping in mind, cotton is not a staple costed product in Canada, lets be “Real” we do what we can, to keep us Canadian while providing a quality product.