Ergonomic Anti-Fatigue Standing Mat (Std.)


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Built-to Last. Elegant Design. Affordable Solution.

EFFYDESK focuses on reducing all pains caused by being in a sitting position for multiple hours a day and increases blood flow and efficiency in the workplace.

Making sure your body is always moving and adapting, the desk's purpose is to make sure you're not in the same position for too long. Statistics have shown that being immobile or in the same position for more than a couple hours starts to show adverse effects physically and mentally.

In today’s work environment, the health movement has driven many people to switch to standing desks at both their work and home offices. This anti-fatigue standing mat is the perfect choice for reducing any pain and fatigue that comes from standing on hard surfaces. The beveled edge design prevents tripping and slipping injuries, while the super soft foam layer is made to adapt to the contours of your feet, providing you the best comfortability.

Dimensions (LWH):
32.00 X 20.00 X 0.79 inches


About the Brand

EFFYDESK designs, moulds, and delivers Canada's #1 Electric Standing Desk, right to your doorstep. They’re a tight-knit team of ergo-minded business professionals based in Vancouver, British Columbia, who have helped 500+ offices across Canada implement proper ergonomics in the workplace for their valued desk job workers. Seasoned, award-winning engineers design and produce EFFY products to perfection, and their ergo office solutions are trusted by brands, content creators, retailers, and redistributors all across Canada.