Bijoux Birks
Rock & Pearl Silver and Pearl Necklace


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Special Offer January 24 to February 7
This Rock & Pearl Silver and Pearl Necklace, in sterling silver, is embellished with silver studs and 8.0mm round freshwater pearls.

Draped gracefully around your neck, it radiates understated glamour with its 36" length. Glimmering pearls are the perfect complement to angular studs in this chic and striking design.

Both bold and spirited as well as delicate and gentle, this necklace is a reminder of the vivid spirit of nature.

About the Brand

Since 1879, Birks has been inspired by Canada, a unique land of new beginnings and a vibrant tapestry of culture. The authenticity, community and culture embodied by the Canadian spirit find expression in these jewellery designs of rare beauty and grace. Evoking a rich sense of belonging, Bijoux Birks pays tribute to the wonders of Canadian nature in designs that capture its timeless beauty. And because the environment is an irreplaceable treasure, Bijoux Birks makes a sustainable and ethical commitment to the land that inspires its exceptional creations. Refreshing and uplifting, Bijoux Birks celebrates accomplishments, milestones and heartfelt feelings. A symbol of joy and delight, fine jewellery gives graceful shape to the most intimate moments of our lives. Bijoux Birks has become part of so many treasured stories.