Shipping and Warranty Information

For complete manufacturer shipping and warranty information by Brand, please review our Shipping & Warranty Document for details.

An Extended Area Surcharge applies to UPS shipments delivered to the Postal Codes when shipped from Canada. Please review the Extended Area Surcharge document for further information.

All sales are final and non-returnable.
  • Product Defects: For any product defects, please refer to the product warranty and contact the nearest manufacturer service center indicated in the attached Shipping & Warranty document.
  • Shortages: Please report any product shortages to PI Incentives within 48 hours of delivery and make a note of the shortage on the delivery receipt before accepting the shipment. We will file a claim on your behalf with the shipper/manufacturer and will advise best way to proceed (exception: third-party shipments – see below).
  • Visible and Concealed Damage: Please report any damaged product received (visible or concealed) to PI Incentives within 3-5 business days of delivery before the product has been reshipped. Make note of the carrier and the damage on the delivery receipt before accepting the shipment (except when damage is concealed). We will file a claim on your behalf with the last courier shipped and advise best way to proceed (exception: third-party shipments – see below). Details such as the description of visible carton or product damage and pictures of the damage (both shipping carton showing the waybill and damaged product) are required in order to process claim. For replacement of product, please submit a new Purchase Order unless you have been notified otherwise by your PI Customer Service Representative.
  • Lost Shipments. If a shipment has not been delivered within 10 business days of the ship date, as indicated on PI Connect or your PI Shipping Report, please contact PI Incentives to open a lost shipment trace. A lost shipment trace may take approx. 15 business days to resolve.
  • Third-Party Shipments: When the shipment is sent using a third-party courier account (i.e. the customer’s preferred account), or reshipped after arriving at the original shipping destination, the third-party account holder assumes the risk of transportation and is responsible for filing claims for loss or damage.
  • Multiple shipments: Please note that PI reserves the right to ship orders in one or more installments, and from multiple locations. Additional shipping charges may apply.