Premium Twin Turbostar Airfryer with Fat Removal Technology


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Now our most compact Airfryer features our most powerful fat removal technology! Fat Removal Technology is exclusive to Philips and extracts fat from food capturing it all below the fat reducer at the bottom of the Airfryer. Now you can fry your favorite foods with little or no added oil AND remove fat from food, too. The result is delicious and healthier fried food that is as crispy as deep-fried with 90% less fat.

- Unique Fat Removal technology is designed to create a fast, tornado like airflow exposing all food to constant, circulating heat. This allows you to cook your favorite foods with a tablespoon or less of oil while draining excess fat
- By combining a powerful heater and motor with our Fat Removal Technology excess fat can now be extracted from the food and captured in the fat reducer at the bottom of the Airfryer
- The air fryer is ready to cook in seconds. No preheating saves time and you can start cooking right away.
- Your air fryer includes a QuickClean basket with removable non-stick mesh so cleaning is fast and easy. The removable nonstick-coated drawer and the food basket are dishwasher safe.
- Philips has the only airfryer with fat removal technology to remove and capture excess fat.

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