WV60 Plus Window Vacuum


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For quick and easy, streak-free cleaning of windows, counter tops, shower doors, tables, and almost any other flat surface. Karcher has developed the first lithium-ion cordless window and flat-surface wet vac. The WV60 Plus PowerSqueegee window vacuum includes the Kärcher Microfiber Spray Bottle, Microfibre Replacement cloth and detergent sample. The spray bottle is designed to evenly spray cleaning solution on any flat surface. The microfiber pad gently spreads the cleaning solution while loosening dirt and grime. To clean, simply remove and machine wash.

- Reduces the time, effort, streaking and mess associated with traditional cleaning using paper or cloth towels
- Simply spray a cleaning solution on a window/flat surface, turn on the WV60 and run the blades along the window/surface for streak-free, drip-free cleaning

About the Brand

Karcher is the worlds largest manufacturer of power washers and cleaning equipment. Since 1935 Karcher has offered innovative and environmentally friendly cleaning products, from simple home exterior maintenance to professional cleaning.