Indoor BBQ Grill


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Delicious grilled food with virtually no smoke thanks to advanced infrared heat technology. Philips Indoor smoke-less grill is a unique appliance that allows you to enjoy tasty, evenly browned grilled food all year round. The advanced Infrared Heat technology ensures for up to 80% less smoke and minimal splattering.
Makes grilling indoors a comfortable experience.
- Advanced infrared heat technology for up to 80% less smoke
- Minimal side splattering thanks to advanced patented design
- Easy set-up start grilling within 1 min
- Easy to clean detachable parts are also dishwasher-proof
- Keep your food warm with keep warm function
Delicious, evenly grilled food. Guaranteed.
- Constant heat for perfect browning without burning
- Powerful infrared heat sears the meat & preserves tenderness
- All sides evenly grilled thanks to special heat reflectors
- Non-stick ALU grid provides authentic BBQ grill marks
Variety of healthy grilled food
- Lean grilling- excess fat is collected on XL grease tray
- Free recipe book with inspiring grill recipes

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